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Feel the Pinch Copper Sculpture by Morgan Raimond

“Feel the Pinch” is a giant blue crab claw, clad in copper, created by metal artist Morgan Raimond. It was installed near Chestertown’s marina for RiverFest 2017.

The copper claw reaches out of the water and arches toward the pedestrian bridge along the Chester River. The sculpture morphs in the changing light of the day and is an iconic symbol for Chestertown and the Chester River. It is illuminated at night.

This sculpture represents many aspects of the region today. The strong, menacing claw of the blue crab is juxtaposed with the current fragile eco-system of its environment.






RiverFest 2017 – A champagne reception and sculpture “christening” was followed by a party and cruise on the Chester River Packet

Sculptures by Cindy Fulton, Rob Glebe and Morgan Raimond are situated along the waterfront footbridge between the foot of High Street and the marina, and will remain up through Downrigging Weekend October 27-29, 2017. Call RiverArts at 410 778 6300 if you are interested in purchasing the sculpture.

Sunrise photo by Areti Afentoulis


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The Gate Keeper with Copper Wheat

Sculptor Dana Albany recently completed a monumental sculpture called The Gate Keeper. Morgan Raimond was commissioned to hand hammer enormous 7 feet tall stalks of wheat to accompany the towering 17-foot-tall sculpture.
The Gate Keeper is comprised of stainless steel, brass copper, steel and other non-ferrous metals. The sculpture will be installed at a private residence in Marin County.

Dana Port1890
copper wheat by Morgan Raimond for Dana Albany's Gatekeeper



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Morgan Raimond’s Copper Artichoke at “la Casina del Carciofo”

Artist/Gardener Morgan Raimond was commissioned to create a copper artichoke for a client’s Georgetown garden. The sculpture was crafted at the forge, a renovated 18th century smokehouse at Toad Hall, the Raimond’s property on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The artichoke was placed in front of a recently renovated carriage house in the fall of 2016. The house was christened “La Casina del Carciofo” (Little House of the Artichoke) once the sculpture was installed.





Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a sculpture by Morgan Raimond.




Morgan Raimond’s Metal Designs at the Jungle House

Morgan Raimond has been a metal smith and sculptor in San Francisco for the past 25 years. Recently he has been focusing on landscape design and gardening.

His most recent project blends metal with nature. He designed and crafted metal foliage and hand wrought iron gates and railings for the Jungle House in San Francisco, a private residence in Noe Valley.

The owners of the house hired San Francisco artist and drummer Prairie Prince to restore and enhance the exterior murals. At the same time they hired Morgan to design metal gates, railings and metal flowers to enhance the South East Asian jungle vibe.

The month-long project resulted in a series of stunning metal gates. Morgan used mild steel to create the bamboo rods, which he galvanized and painted. The bamboo gates are embellished with larger than life insects, butterflies and caterpillars.

The Double Butterfly Gate leads up the steps to the front door of the residence and the Centipede Gate leads down to the lower level.

Morgan is an avid gardener and fisherman and his knowledge of plants and animals worked seamlessly with the metal designs. His final projects for the Jungle House will include front landscaping to conceal a gas meter, including a topiary alligator made of drought resistant succulent and plants to enhance the curb appeal of this one-of-a-kind residence.

The Jungle House metal art projects inspired his most recent sculpture commission, a Blue Bird Phoenix. He designed the sculpture and built it as a memorial to his father Vincent Martin Raimond, who passed away on August 12, 2014. The Phoenix was unveiled and dedicated in a memorial grove of trees for Vincent in April 2015 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Morgan is available for sculpture and metal art commissions plus gardening and landscaping projects. For more information about his art projects and designs visit


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Fish Around the World with Morgan

My brother Morgan loves to fish. He mastered the art of fishing at an early age. I’ve long heard tales of him outcasting all the seasoned fishermen beside him on the little bridge on Still Pond Creek where he fished, when he was 4 years old.

Morgan, age 4, fishing for perch. Handpainted tiles by Joan Gardiner

His love of the sea and the fish within has occupied many of his days on both coasts of the states. He now lives in San Francisco and fishes daily, along the shore or far out in the ocean. Favorite perches include the Farallon Islands, 17 miles from Golden Gate for ling cod and rock cod, Duxbury Reef for king salmon and Ocean Beach for perch grubbing.


I came across an engaging multimedia article about Kirk Lombard, a Bay Area urban angler who fishes in every nook and cranny he can find in the City by the Bay. The joy of the hunt and returning home to dine on the fresh catch reminded me of many meals with my brother. Turns out they are good fishing buddies.

Morgan fishing at Tolchester Beach on the Chesapeake Bay.

A few more fish related stories surfaced this week, two from Jakes in Jamaica. The Times reported that guests at the bohemian resort in southern Jamaica favor a sustainable meal, fish-to-table, that they catch themselves with Captain Dennis Abrahams.

In order to advance marine sustainability, Breds at Treasure Beach partnered with The Nature Conservancy to help maintain the Galleon Bay Fishing Sanctuary, a coastal area near Jakes where no fishing is allowed. The sanctuary helps replenish the fish stock and protect the delicate eco-structure of mangroves, coral reefs, sea turtles and marine life.

Jason Henzell, Susan Smith, chairman of The Nature Conservancy’s Caribbean board of trustees, and Dennis Abrahams team up for the Galleon Bay Fishing Sanctuary, a Breds project.


Come fall, Breds hosts a Hook N’ Line Fishing Tournament (October 13 – 15, 2012) in waters outside of the Fishing Sanctuary. Maybe my brother will be a contender in this year’s tournament, and bring home the gold snapper, or whatever is biting that day.


Morgan Raimond: Metalsmith, Gardener and Urban Fisherman

Jake’s Resort – Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Breds Treasure Beach Foundation

The Nature Conservancy