Introducing Maia and Her Recently Acquired Smilow® Furniture

Maia Schoenfelder, the granddaughter of Mel Smilow and daughter of Judy Smilow is the most recent addition to the Smilow Design team. She’s a social and digital media consultant, and helps Smilow Design with all things internet. She shares her Smilow story.

“I grew up surrounded by Smilow® Furniture. My grandparents home in Usonia, a Frank Lloyd wright community in Westchester was filled with it! As my brother, cousin and I sprinted around in and outside their house, my grandfather (Mel) was always trying to make sure we didn’t hurt ourselves by sliding or running into the furniture (or windows). The combination of art, design, nature, architecture and the warmth of family was inspiration and a heaven for a city kid like me.

Introducing Maia and Her Recently Acquired Smilow® FurnitureNow many years later, I’ve grown up and have an apartment of my own. Although the house and my grandfather are no longer, I still draw inspiration from him. I was so thrilled to finally acquire some pieces of my own this year, and as I’ve slowly swapped out Ikea furniture for quality pieces, I’ve acquired a slatted bench, slatted table, and a bed. Recently, I ended up purchasing a wood-sided couch (similar to the rail back) and SOTO coffee table from a former customer at an estate sale. They might have been made in the seventies, but 40 years later, they seriously look brand new. There’s something really special about outfitting your home in goods made by family.”