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Feel the Pinch Copper Sculpture by Morgan Raimond

“Feel the Pinch” is a giant blue crab claw, clad in copper, created by metal artist Morgan Raimond. It was installed near Chestertown’s marina for RiverFest 2017.

The copper claw reaches out of the water and arches toward the pedestrian bridge along the Chester River. The sculpture morphs in the changing light of the day and is an iconic symbol for Chestertown and the Chester River. It is illuminated at night.

This sculpture represents many aspects of the region today. The strong, menacing claw of the blue crab is juxtaposed with the current fragile eco-system of its environment.






RiverFest 2017 – A champagne reception and sculpture “christening” was followed by a party and cruise on the Chester River Packet

Sculptures by Cindy Fulton, Rob Glebe and Morgan Raimond are situated along the waterfront footbridge between the foot of High Street and the marina, and will remain up through Downrigging Weekend October 27-29, 2017. Call RiverArts at 410 778 6300 if you are interested in purchasing the sculpture.

Sunrise photo by Areti Afentoulis


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The Gate Keeper with Copper Wheat

Sculptor Dana Albany recently completed a monumental sculpture called The Gate Keeper. Morgan Raimond was commissioned to hand hammer enormous 7 feet tall stalks of wheat to accompany the towering 17-foot-tall sculpture.
The Gate Keeper is comprised of stainless steel, brass copper, steel and other non-ferrous metals. The sculpture will be installed at a private residence in Marin County.

Dana Port1890
copper wheat by Morgan Raimond for Dana Albany's Gatekeeper



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Morgan Raimond’s Copper Artichoke at “la Casina del Carciofo”

Artist/Gardener Morgan Raimond was commissioned to create a copper artichoke for a client’s Georgetown garden. The sculpture was crafted at the forge, a renovated 18th century smokehouse at Toad Hall, the Raimond’s property on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The artichoke was placed in front of a recently renovated carriage house in the fall of 2016. The house was christened “La Casina del Carciofo” (Little House of the Artichoke) once the sculpture was installed.





Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a sculpture by Morgan Raimond.