David Bruce Smith

David Bruce Smith is an author and publisher based in Washington, DC. He creates limited edition, fine press books including Tennessee and  Three Miles From Providence: A Tale of Abraham Lincoln and the Soldier’s Home.  He recently published his first children’s book American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States. In 2014 he created The Grateful American Foundation, an interactive, multimedia educational series designed to restore enthusiasm in American history. In 2015 Smith co-founded the Grateful American™ Book Prize, an award for excellence in writing, storytelling and illustration of children’s historical non-fiction and fiction. Projects include publicity, digital marketing, social media and e-commerce support.

Prairie Prince is a world-renown rock drummer, visual artist, painter and muralist. He is a founding member of The Tubes. He performs with The Tubes, Todd Rundgren and myriad of bands. Projects include artist representation, social media and promotion of live performances, tours, art shows and special projects.

Gregor Huebner is a world class violinist, pianist, vocalist and composer. He also teaches composition at University of Munich, Germany. Projects include publicity, artist representation and social media.

Corazón Concierge provides reliable, accessible door-to-door transportation in Santa Fe and Albuquerque to help seniors get where they need to go and maintain their independence.

Smilow Design and Furniture is a multidisciplinary design firm offering unique branded products,including smilow glass & smilow furniture. Projects include digital publicity, social media, SEO and website optimization for the reissue of Mel Smilow’s Mid-Century Modern Furniture.

kcac_no name

Kent County Arts Council is a non-profit arts organization based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Projects include social media, publicity, fundraising and membership support.

Mom, I Want To Speak to Marie Antoinette: A Story About Traumatic Brain Injury, Abuse, Death, Divorce, Love & Laughter

Wendy Gaynor is an author who recently published her memoir, Mom, I Want to Speak to Marie Antoinette: A Story About Traumatic Brain Injury, Abuse, Death, Divorce, Love & Laughter. Projects include publicity, social networking, website optimization, SEO and SEM.

Dr. Clemens Loew

Clemens Loew, PhD  is a psychotherapist, sculptor, photographer and writer. He published When the Birds Stopped Singing: Living with the Wounds of War: Personal Essays in 2014. The book is a collection of personal essays about his childhood surviving World War II during the Nazi occupation of Poland. He is co-founder and co-director of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies.

Meg Goldman Photography

Meg Goldman is a photographer specializing in artist portraits, performance photography and special events. Projects include platform management and digital strategy.

Michael Davidson Board Coach Rowing

Michael Davidson — The Board Coach — is a consultant specializing in assisting nonprofit boards of directors. Projects include social networking, website optimization, SEO and SEM.

Mary Riley Smith

Mary Riley Smith is a garden and landscape designer who specializes in public urban spaces, terraces and country landscapes. She is the author of The Front Garden. Projects include website production and social media.

Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park and Academy

Breds is a non-profit founded by Jason Henzell in 1998 to promote education, sports, cultural heritage and emergency healthcare in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Projects include digital outreach, social networking, fundraising and awareness building for the Treasure Beach Sports Park and Academy.

Bonsai Fine Arts is an art handling, crating and fine-art storage company based in Glen Burnie, MD and New York, NY. Projects include social media, website optimization, reputation management, SEO and SEM.

Spy Publications
is a series of e-newspapers based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The sites include The Chestertown Spy, The Talbot Spy, The Queen Anne’s Spy and The Ketchum Keystone. Projects include digital marketing, social media, branding, editorial and online ad sales support.