July 2020 Book Recommendations

A curated list of books and literary classics for your reading pleasure by David Bruce Smith Publications.

Elliott Roosevelt’s MURDER IN THE LINCOLN BEDROOM; while the Executive Mansion is a flutter with preparations for a classified conference to be attended by General Eisenhower and Winston Churchill, a body is discovered. Sleuth Eleanor Roosevelt has to solve the case before news of the crime makes its way to the press.

J. Randy Taraborrelli’s JACKIE, ETHEL, JOAN: WOMEN OF CAMELOT; three sisters-in-law bound by marriage, politics, friendship, and tragedy.

Newton Froelich’s 1492: A NOVEL OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND HIS WORLD; maneuvering, machinations, and manipulation in the time of Ferdinand and Isabella–and their Inquisition.

Herman Melville’s MOBY DICK, or THE WHALE; Ishmael the sailor narrates the story of Ahab, the captain of the Pequod, who is obsessed with avenging the mythic whale for destroying his ship, and severing his leg.

July 2020 Book Recommendations