November 2019 Book Recommendations

A curated list of books and literary classics for your reading pleasure by David Bruce Smith Publications for November 2019.

Benjamin Franklin’s POOR RICHARD’S ALMANACK; the best of wit and wisdom from America’s Leonardo; first published in 1732.

Olive Ann Burns’s COLD SASSY TREE; a Southern widower of three weeks suddenly elopes with a woman half his age,
and rattles the town.

Jim Murphy’s BREAKTHROUGH! HOW THREE PEOPLE SAVED “BLUE BABIES” AND CHANGED MEDICINE FOREVER; the little known story of Vivien Thomas, an African American research assistant at Johns Hopkins, who, in 1944, saves the first infant with an up-to-then untreatable cardiac problem.

Carrie Dalby’s FORTITUDE; while two girlfriends nurse the wounded from the Spanish American War, they encounter Jim Crow.






November 2019 Book Recommendations