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Holiday’s Birthday Portrait with Champion Tree

Every August, on my daughter Holiday’s birthday, my mother Leslie takes a picture of her with a sunflower.

This summer they did the photo shoot at St. Paul’s Parish, Kent, which was founded in 1692. The first church was erected on the site circa 1696.

Holiday posed in front of St. Paul’s Swamp Chestnut Oak in a vintage gown.

The tree was over 400 years old – standing tall through the American Revolution, during the nearby Battle of Caulk’s Field during the War of 1812, through the Civil War, then the bicentennial and through Holiday’s 10th birthday on August 3, 2015.

The tree was designated a US champion in 1976. And in 2010 was the largest of its species. This week, because its condition was considered dangerous, they had to take the tree down.

Holiday and St. Paul’s 400-Year-Old Swamp Chestnut Oak
Holiday Raimond Jones and St. Paul’s Swamp Chestnut Oak in Kent County, MD