Testimonials from Life Long Customers (2nd in a Series)

Soon after the reissue of Smilow Furniture in the fall of 2013 I began to receive heartfelt letters from families who literally grew up with my father’s furniture.

“My parents bought furniture from the NYC Smilow-Thielle location to furnish their new home (designed by my Dad) in 1955. I even found their original multi-page receipt for all of those items.

I found it so interesting that my Dad and Mom had ordered furniture for their entire house from your Dad. They moved it with them many times over the years. 

A number of the pieces remain in my family. Slat benches, rush chairs, ottomans, bedroom dressers – – – are in my brother and sister’s homes still today.”

Salem, Oregon

These testimonials are remarkable not only for the kind and complimentary words that help brighten our days, but speak volumes about the quality and endurance of the furniture and its design. Confirming once again the basic premise and commitment of our brand – Smilow Furniture, creating enduring modern classics.

Below is a copy of the original receipt attached to Caroline’s note. (check out the prices in 1955!)

smilow original receipt_no name

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It Still ROCKS Today (Testimonial #1)

Last winter I posted one of my all time favorite pictures on the Smilow Design Facebook Page. The picture was “The Chair that Represented America,” my father’s quintessential American Rocking Chair that was honored with selection for use in the US Pavilion at Montreal’s Expo ’67.

Right after I posted the picture this comment appeared: ” I have this chair. It was purchased in 1964 to rock my baby in. It still ROCKS today! Love it!!”

Smilow Furniture Testimonial from facebookShe continued to tell me more about the furniture and her daughter even chimed in about how much she adored growing up with Smilow Furniture.  “…Her furniture is what I compare all others to, the furniture that has always felt like home and nothing comes close.”

Read the entire heartwarming exchange.

And keep a look out, we hope to be reintroducing this iconic piece later this spring!